Borbet Type F 16"x7" wheels

These wheels have been one of my favorites for a long time.  It took me a while to convert from my 14" steel rims that came with the base model to these wheels, but I finally did it... and I have no regrets!

The wheel is a Borbet Type F 16" x 7" size with a 35mm offset.  They are not the lightest in the world (19lbs) but there are heavier ones out there.  Ride quality is a little harsher but most of my car's firm ride quality is due to the FM springs and Tokico Iluminas.

Bottom line... very pleased with the entire package with 215/40R16 tires.  Everthing seems to just fit "right".

My first set of tires for these rims was the Pirelli P7000.  EXCELLENT TIRE, especially for the price.  They only lasted about 22k miles, but that included several autocrosses and an all day long lapping day at a race track.  Perhaps the biggest wear came form my daily driving which, at times, may be a bit spirited.

My second set (which is the current set) of tires is the Kumho ECSTA Supra 712.  FAIR TIRE.  Very inexpensive, but "you get what you pay for".  These tires are not horrible, but I think I was spoiled on the Pirelli P7000's I started out with.

2/3/2002 update:  Well, my rear tires were pretty worn.  I hadn't rotated them in a while and had also picked up a little unrepairable damage to one of the tires.  So, since the front tires were still in fair shape (about half of the tread left), I decided to get two new Kumho rear tires.  This time, I tried out a 225/40R16.  According to info on TireRack's website, a 225/40R16 is supposed to fit on a rim with a minimum width of 7.5".  Well, mine are only 7" but I went for them anyway.  They seem to be fitting just fine and not too pinched.  See the pics below:

side3.jpg (89220 bytes)
reartire1.jpg (92892 bytes)reartire3.jpg (80975 bytes)

For comparison, here is an angle of the front tire:

fronttire1.jpg (95607 bytes)