LMC Miata Owner's Stupid Tricks List

This list has evolved solely from the experiences of our local, mostly miata specific, group of nuts.  If it's on this list, the local group has agreed that it is worth mentioning and posting with great pride.  ENJOY!!

1. LOOSIE GOOSIE - (Leebo) So one day, I take the miata out for a drive and hear some strange popping sounds under certain loads (acceleration, turning, etc).  I spend a bit of time observing the behavior of the sound and thinking about what it could be.  Front bearings?  Probably.  Left or sight side?  Hard to tell but sounds like left.  Hmmm.  Well, I took it in to Paul Miller Mazda to have it up on a rack and a good look.  Got to PM Mazda; took it for a test drive to demonstrate the problem.  Got the car in a bay and up on a lift.  A few mechanics take a look at it and grab the front wheels to see if there is any noticeable play in the bearings.  Seems like there may be a tad in the driver's side.  Time to take the wheel off and get a good look.  What??? The lug nuts are loose?  REALLY loose?  Uh oh.  "Whoops, I forgot to tighten them after the autocross last weekend.  Sorry guys........"  I drove away feeling like a total moron.  :-)

2. STICKY SITUATION - (Torque Wrench)  I was going to use a little super glue to temporarily hold a washer on the back of a rivet that I could not reach both sides of.  I *thought* the glue I was using was a "gel".  When I squeezed the tube, much to my surprise, it had the consistency of water so it ran all over the washer and all over my hand.  Also, much to my surprise, it started to dry VERY quickly.  Yep, I glued 3 of the fingers on my left hand together temporarily. I could not pull them apart....had to use my right hand to tug my fingers apart.....no damage done, but I was more than a bit startled by the whole thing.  I really should stick to accounting.