Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Ok, so all my local miata buddies and I are planning a track event lapping day in a couple months.  We're all doing some work on our cars to get them ready to rip around the track.  Roll bars, superchargers, racing tires, bleeding brakes... you name it.  Three of my buds (including "the TWIN") have all added stainless steel brake lines in place of the OEM ones..  The SS lines are supposed to improve the feel and control of braking as the lines do not expand like the OEM ones do.  And, of course, they look really cool.  Ok......  thanks guys.  You know I MUST do this mod since all of you have.  Another $130 towards the miata black hole of fun.

So here's the skinny.  I bought my lines from Brain Storm Products.  They are made by Goodridge.  Nigel and John bought the same ones.  Mike, the owner of the TWIN had to be different and got blue lines from Flyin Miata.  They look really good; I believe they are SS lines with a blue sheath around them.  Mike also used Super Blue Racing fluid from Roadster Performance.  It's BLUE fluid.  So... if you have a fluid leak and it's dark blue, you know it's brake fluid.

Fluid10.jpg (108042 bytes)lines9.jpg (81253 bytes)

Ok, so here are my lines...  Watch out for the lines rubbing tires and other parts.

cyl4.jpg (70948 bytes)cyl5.jpg (91884 bytes)cyl6.jpg (88728 bytes)

I also replaced my master brake cylinder mainly because the two rubber grommets that seal and support the reservoir were leaking.  I figured a 11 year old car w/ close to 100k mile run pretty hard could use a whole new master cylinder.  The first pic shows the MS removed.  The second pic shows the new MS (on left) and the old one with the reservoir still on it.  The third pic shows how to remove the reservoir... undo one screw then pry it up.  It's really easy.

cyl1.jpg (82952 bytes)cyl2.jpg (84364 bytes)cyl3.jpg (96346 bytes)