Roll Bar

My first roll bar was the Hard Dog "Hard Bar".  This bar is basically a single hoop that bolts to the miata in four main locations (at the upper seat belt guides and about half way down the floor).  There are no diagonals or bracing involved which makes the bar fairly easy to install.  The only real time consuming and challenging part is trimming the side plastic panels to clear the bar.

roll7.jpg (50506 bytes)

I bought this bar from a friend of mine that was restoring a 1990 miata into a street rocket.  He wanted to upgrade to a different, stronger bar and I was looking for an affordable bar.  Fortunately, my friend David Leonoff was willing to sell his old bar and so it went on my miata.  BTW, David's miata project is pretty incredible.  Click here to see it.

I finally got a similar bug and wanted to upgrade my bar into something with bracing and added strength.  I chose a Hard Dog "Sport Bar" with the Harness bar option and leather wrap.

My friend Mike Shepherd hooked me up with the coolest service manager I've ever met.  Mark Sawyer of Paul Miller gave me a good atmosphere to work in over a weekend, not to mention the helping hand he gave me on the project.  The bar turned out great and I am quite pleased.  I even noticed yet another slight bit of added chassis rigidity with this new bar.

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