Pics from 2004 Predator Motorsport Putnam Park Lapping Day (March 28, 2004)

DSCF0001.JPG (64163 bytes)DSCF0002.JPG (72548 bytes) Rendevous in Frankfort
DSCF0003.JPG (77545 bytes) Leebo's miata would cut out underboost; fixed it once we discovered the intake air temp ground wire was loose.  Oh... and what's that fluid leaking from Nigel's car?
DSCF0004.JPG (51014 bytes)DSCF0005.JPG (44435 bytes)DSCF0006.JPG (60903 bytes)
DSCF0007.JPG (47208 bytes)
DSCF0008.JPG (59067 bytes)
3rd graders getting ready to eat Pizza.
DSCF0009.JPG (25727 bytes) We INJOYED our stay, alright.
DSCF0010.JPG (88294 bytes)DSCF0011.JPG (91134 bytes)DSCF0012.JPG (116732 bytes) Semi-panoramic view of the group in the paddock.
DSCF0013.JPG (81384 bytes)DSCF0014.JPG (74438 bytes) A few more in the paddock.
DSCF0015.JPG (90293 bytes) Someone put gasman to work!  Dirk supervises.
DSCF0016.JPG (58044 bytes)DSCF0017.JPG (50507 bytes)
DSCF0021.JPG (99427 bytes)
DSCF0022.JPG (61424 bytes)
Cars in the pits
DSCF0018.JPG (62563 bytes) The observation tower.
DSCF0019.JPG (79539 bytes)DSCF0020.JPG (53437 bytes) Heading up for the driver's mtg.
DSCF0030.JPG (47146 bytes) Randy's Viper down the straight.

Quick shot of Flash's miata down the straight.

Porsche GT3 launching onto the track.

A group of cars coming down the straight.  Flash leads the group.

The Viper and the VR-4 pull on to the track.

Uh oh... Flash's miata is misfiring or hitting a boost limiter.

That GT3 is SO FAST!