Pics from 2001 Putnam Park Lee Grimes Lapping Day

leavinga.jpg (50521 bytes) The miatas of Nigel Soult, John Gassett and Lee Bohon parked just before departure to Putnam.

fog1a.jpg (44387 bytes) Foggy morning at the track.

fog2a.jpg (56293 bytes) More fog.  Nigel walking the pits.

fog3a.jpg (54090 bytes) Even more fog.  Ok then, lets walk the course.

RacingGoggles.jpg (78491 bytes) Ok, enough of the fog.  Lemme put on my rac'n goggles from Ace Hardware and I'll be ready for the track.

944andrx7.jpg (48834 bytes) Larry Gadd (RX7) and Chris Sharp (944) down the straight.

garyhackneya.jpg (44074 bytes) Gary Hackney (Saturn) approaching the finish line.

nigelleadleea.jpg (54056 bytes) Nigel and I racing down the straight.

viperandrx7a.jpg (81519 bytes) Randy Walker's Viper followed by Larry's RX7.


Possible video to come courtesy of Rasmussen Productions.