Powder Coated parts

Certainly not performance related, but I wanted to clean things up a bit in the engine bay.  A fellow miata friend of mine runs a powder coating business so I sent him a few parts of mine to be coated. www.perfpowder.com  Here's what we ended up with...

Intake Manifold & Valve Cover

While I had my car apart for the winter working on a major suspension upgrade, I decided to pull the intake manifold and valve cover for a clean-up and powder coat job. Both were done in silver to achieve a clean yet factory look.  The letters in the valve cover were filled with blue powder to match my mariner blue paint.


intakebefore.JPG (64354 bytes)

intakeafter.JPG (73209 bytes)


intake1.JPG (55139 bytes)intake2.JPG (50510 bytes)manifoldandcover.JPG (65383 bytes)intake3.JPG (72488 bytes)


Strut Tower Brackets

While I was at it, I had the brackets to my strut tower bar coated in black.  Look good as new!

strutbrackets.JPG (67787 bytes)