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Back from the bodyshop...
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Turning 100k...

Misc Pics...

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Drag Racing Pics from 9/7/2001...

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Pics from the dyno on 9/7/2002...

group1.jpg (112126 bytes) Here are about a forth of the miatas that showed up for the dyno day. rosskuhns2.jpg (93821 bytes) Here is Ross Kuhns getting ready for a couple dyno pulls.
miketuning.jpg (89863 bytes) Mike Shepherd, the laptop tuner!  Mike helped make some quick adjustments on my car between my two dyno pulls.  He's much faster and more familiar with the software than I. rosskuhns3.jpg (94976 bytes) Ross' car on the dyno.


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The "Cool" Bus- 12 second school bus.

9/7/01-My first time at the drag strip- Thanks to Mike Shepherd for the video.  It was a pretty hot day and this was my first time ever at a drag strip.  I ran a 14.3 in the 1/4mi time.

Update - on 10/24/03, I ran a 13.7 @ 100mph.  Much better 1/4 mile time, but wheel-hop galore!  Best 60ft time was 2.1 seconds; not too good.

9/7/01-Nigel Soult (red 91) and John Gassett (blue 99)- drag strip

9/7/01-Jim Sawyer's 540i vs.Nigel's miata

9/24/01-900HP Toyota Supra - pretty cool stuff!

10/17/01-Volkswagon GTI vs Honda Civic - truly funny.

8/2004- Rick Stephen's 11.3second miata

3/5/2006- Wildman's 302 miata leaving my WRX

6/20/2006- Bijan Duke, Good 'ol boy

3/22/2007- CarCam, experimenting with a camera on the miata

7/1/2007- CarCam, a Sunday drive

6/8/2009- Ever thrown a rod?  How about a block?


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Other, aka ''What the ????''


The Sphincter Doctor breaks free the downpipe.

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(SD) Mad German Sphincter Doctor played by Greg King
(NS) M.G.S.D. Assistant played by Nigel Soult

SD: "Itz pretty serious...  Zer is uh... hole in zer.  ...
NS: "Sing ze sphincter song"
SD: "Ze Sphincter loosh!!  ...  Pull, pull, pull, pull ya sphincter! "
NS: A cackle...
SD: "I don't think... oh we make progress!  ...a half an inch!  The rate we're going, next month, on the 15th, ze thing come loosh!  ...  uhghhh!!!   eyeeyeee!!"
SD: "Come on sphincter, come loosh!  ... with ze sphincter gadget...  eyyyyyyeee whooo!!"
NS: "Oye, it's ze boy!"

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