Convertible Top Replacement

Well, there's no real need to post brand new instructions to replacing a miata top since there are others out there already.  However, here's a take on my experience:

I am a little on a budget right now so I wanted to find a good deal on a top without getting something too inadequate.  After shopping the internet and reading reviews on, I decided to go with a vinyl top/plastic window from  Overall, I made a great choice.

For $199 + $13 shipping, I had a brand new top shipped directly to me.  This top really is worth every bit of $212.  My old top was just falling apart.  The material going over the bows inside was pulling apart, the window was turning into a brown color, and it was so brittle that part of it cracked while the rest of it was covered in tiny little cracks resulting in lots of light reflection.  It was nearly impossible to see out of.  The new top was a big relief.

I'll post pictures of specific things later on.