...Who am I?...

Off for another Sunday drive
(back in 1991!)

13 years later (2004)...

My name is Lee Bohon and I'm from Lexington, KY. I am married to my beeeeeeautiful wife, Natalie, and we have a shih-tzu, Pooh (and Daisy, who passed away late 2000) and two beagles, Bella and Rosie.  Here's a pic of the "3 monsters".  The most recent and most important addition to the family is our son, Tyler born in July 2005!

DSCF0821a.JPG (608212 bytes)
Our 3 month old monkey!

I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and a MS  in Manufacturing Systems Engineering also at the University of Kentucky.  I have passed the EIT examination but have not pursued my PE certification yet.  I am employed by Lexmark International, Inc. as a product reliability engineer involved in reliability estimating as well as contributing to content contain in our service and diagnostic manuals. Lexmark is a computer printer company with many of it's origins from IBM.  We make GREAT printers for home, small business and large business uses.  Check us out; you'll be pleased with our products!

My number one hobby is the Mazda Miata. I focus a lot of time and interest into this little car. My wife can't understand why (and sometimes I question why myself) I enjoy this car SO much. It's just that same "thing" that owners of old roadsters talk about. ...Hard to explain.  I guess it's sorta like... "It's a JEEP thing.  You wouldn't understand."

"My miata" is really my wife's miata.  She bought it in May of 1991 when we were dating.  I liked the car then, but not really nuts about it or sports cars in general at the time.  Fortunately, I found a gal with a lot of good tastes (this is just one of them) and she showed me the light.  Funny thing I have to admit, I learned to drive a stick on this car... and she taught me.  I take a lot of grief over that, but it's worth it.  Actually, when I was 16, my good friend Dirk let me stall his '70 Datsun 240 in a parking lot a view times.  Not quite sure if that qualified as learning to drive a stick.

Above all interests in miatas and everything else I'm involved in, I place above everything my faith in God.  My wife and I are members of Southland Evangelical Methodist Church here in Lexington, KY.


So, why have I made this website? Because I think it's fun! If you've read this far, you must be enjoying it!

June 18, 1994 ;

 My BEST friend and the absolute love of my life.


On a trip to Deals Gap

Both ladies asleep on the couch...  I was telling them a miata story.