Moss Motors Low Profile Headlights

I finally got the bug to upgrade my headlights.  I used to have a set of Eurolights H4 conversion housing w/ Xenon charged lamps but decided I just had to have the lo-pro lights.  The Eurolights worked fine and really were a good upgrade from the regular bulbs, but it was time for a change.

The instructions that came with the new lights from Moss Motors were written very well.  The only thing I did differently with the install was to cut off the upper bump stop rather than drill out the six weld points for each.  I did this based upon recommendation from a product review on  It worked well and I can certainly say it is a better method than drilling the weld points.  Below are a few pics from the install:

DSCF0002a.JPG (95432 bytes) With the upper headlight cover removed, the main headlight assembly is about to be removed.
DSCF0004a.JPG (92403 bytes) The headlight assembly is out of the car and a mark is made about 1/2 inch up from the base of the upper bump stop for cutting.
DSCF0007a.JPG (109427 bytes) Off with the upper bump stop!  I had a leather tool belt that I used to shield the sparks and flying metal from the paint and other car parts in the vicinity.  I painted the cut surfaces of metal to prevent rusting.
DSCF0010a.JPG (96366 bytes) In with the new lo-pro headlight assembly.  The linkage that joins the lift motor to the headlight assembly is connected.
DSCF0011a.JPG (101966 bytes) Ok!  Making progress!  Headlight assembly in place.
DSCF0013a.JPG (98269 bytes) Wires are connected into the factory harness and taped off.
DSCF0014a.JPG (82598 bytes) The upper cover reinstalled.  This part was a bit of a pain.  It required a good bit of trial/error to get it to line up right.
DSCF0015a.JPG (85460 bytes) Side view.
DSCF0016a.JPG (59585 bytes) Another view.
DSCF0017a.JPG (58527 bytes) From the front.