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With the addition of the turbo, FM ECU, larger injectors and just about everything else, it's good to observe what's going on under the hood... or at least attempt to.

Aside from what the FM ECU keypad displays, I have four additional gauges mounted within the cabin to quickly view a few operating parameters.  All of my gauges are from Autometer and are of the Ultra-Lite series in a 2-1/16" size.

gauge1.jpg (40061 bytes)gauge2.jpg (80940 bytes)

On the A-pillar, I have an Air/Fuel Ratio meter on top which reports signals read from the 4-wire, heated O2 sensor.  This meter is useful in determining if I'm running too rich or lean and also helps me get an idea if the ECU is properly self tuning.  The downfall to this gauge is that it depends on an O2 sensor... and standard O2 sensors have been found to give erroneous signals when operating out of their designed temperature range.  The other downfall is that the sensor really can only report differences within a very narrow range... the range right around stoichiometric (14.7:1 air:fuel).  Here's a great link to explain O2 sensor and A/F meter operation.

Below the A/F meter is my boost gauge.  I chose one that shows vacuum (down to 30 inHg) and boost (up to 20psi).  The gauge measures pressure at the intake manifold.

Under the radio are two gauges: Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT / Pyrometer) and Oil Temperature.  Both gauges are mounted with Autometer angled trim rings to angle the gauges toward the driver.  The EGT gauge takes its measurement with a Type K thermocouple mounted in the exhaust manifold where gases exit the four exhaust ports and collect to drive the turbo turbine.  Autometer part number 4344 comes with a thermocouple and gauge in a 0-1600F range.  All you need is a 1/8" - 27 NPT tap and a xx/64" drill bit for the tap.

exhgauge1.jpg (91855 bytes)

My oil temperature gauge takes its measurement from a sender mounted in the oil pan drain plug.  Due to the position of this sender, the temperature has got to be a good indication of the average temp overall.

oil3.jpg (100773 bytes)oil2.jpg (78305 bytes)oil1.jpg (74535 bytes)

The gauge I bought was model #4347 with oil plug adapter #2267