Other Engine Info

Stuff I had no other real place to put...

Oil drain plug thread: M14 x 1.5

Oil filter recommendations:
    Purolator PureOne - p/n 14612 (Mazda Miata spec)
    Purolator PureOne - p/n 14620 (Mazda Millenia spec; fits Miata but larger)
    Mazda OEM
    Advance Auto TotalGrip - p/n AA6607 (sim to PureOne but 1/2 price)
    Advance Auto TotalGrip - p/n AA7317 (sim to PureOne but 1/2 price; Millenia, but fits Miata)

Autometer oil plug adapter for oil temp gauge: #2267.  (see also my gauge page)

Miata camshaft specs

Miata wiring diagrams

Compression Ratio estimator when the head gets machined

Fuel octane calculator