Dyno Page

Here are some of my experiences on the dyno...

dyno1999-10-16.jpg (88820 bytes)




193hp, 165ft-lbs

Oct 16,1999

Paul's Automotive Engineering, Cincinnati, OH


128/250 Aerodyne turbo at 9psi, intercooled, Mk1 FM ECU w/ 370cc/min injectors, 10psi boost.

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229hp, 200ft-lbs

Sept 14, 2000

Dyno Shop, Louisville, KY


Standard FM3 setup.  A bit erratic due to some bad boost control settings. 15psi target

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218hp, 186ft-lbs

Sept 7, 2002

Paul's Automotive Engineering, Cincinnati, OH


FM3 setup but with Mitsu BOV and Tial wastegate

Much more stable but less peak torque and hp. 15psi target.

dyno2004-04-17.jpg (71622 bytes)

228hp, ?? ft-lbs

April 17, 2004

Schings Racing, Lexington, KY


FM3 after doing some tuning at Schings Racing.  The graph shows horse power and air fuel ratio per the shop's WBO2 sensor.  The black lines were my initial run at 15psi.  The blue was the best run and the red was the last run (started to get pretty heat soaked).

dyno2005-01-29.jpg (57907 bytes)


FM3 Dyno Run 1 (video)

FM3 Dyno Run 2 (video)


My '91 FM3, Mike's '91 FM2,
and Jim's '94 custom turbo


Another experimental video


239hp @ 6000rpm, 228 ft-lbs @ 4400rpm

January 29, 2005

Schings Racing, Lexington, KY


FM3 after having turbo rebuilt and slightly upgraded.  Also used Torco octane enhancer in the fuel tank to bump octane to approx 97 points.  Running about 16psi.