Dual Hood Lifts

hoodlift2.jpg (96974 bytes)These hood lifts may be one of the most appreciated mods I've done so far.  Purchased for $89 from R-Speed, they aren't cheap but so far they have worked well and are worth it.  I used to own a single pneumatic hood support that wore out over time.  It would barely support the hood.  After having the hood crash on my head a few times, I had to do something.  I couldn't use the original prop rod because it was interfering with some of the turbo system components.hoodlift1.jpg (71240 bytes)

My "twin" just had these installed and so I had to do it.  Well, I'm pleased!  They are polished which is actually a nice plus in the appearance department.  Lift the hood about 3/4 the way up and the hood actually lifts itself.  The lifts mount in the rain channels at the top of each fender.  One end goes in place of an existing bolt while the other end attaches to the hood hinge.  A hole has to be drilled then tapped for this attachment on the hinge (really easy to do).

Perhaps the only thing I'm not real fond of is that since the hood is now supported by the hinges, it sorta cantilevers out.  With the OEM prop rod or the single style support, the hood was held further away from the hinge point, putting much less stress on the hinges.  I don't think this is really going to be a problem, though.  After several months of use, they are holding up fine.