Cannon Rear Subframe Brace

This rear brace mounts to the rear subframe, adding some stiffness to the rear end.  It attaches underneath two alignment nuts and two sway bar mounting brace nuts.  There is a removable section which allows for installation without removing the exhaust.  The brace is made of 1/4" thick aluminum, which seems to be very strong yet lightweight.

As for the before and after difference, I can tell some added firmness to the rear but it is not huge.  I had a single bar brace attaching the two alignment nuts together which I removed and replaced with this brace, so the difference from having no brace at all may have been more noticeable.

Overall, the brace really is a nice unit.  Here are some pics of it installed (the pics are awful; need to be re-shot).

Cannon4.jpg (49126 bytes)Cannon1.jpg (54414 bytes)