90-93 Brake Conversion to 94-00 System

Basically, the conversion is really simple.  To convert over from the smaller 90-93 system to the 94-00 system, the following parts are changed:

That's it!  You may have already noticed, the calipers are identical.  The dust/cooling shields on the rear brakes have to be bent somewhat to provide clearance for the larger rotors.  I've not tried it but the shields from the 94-00 might be interchangeable too, which would eliminate the need to bent up the old ones.

So why do the conversion?  Well, the rotors are larger and pads are bigger.  There's more surface area between the rotors and pads so brake effort has more area to work with.  The larger mass of the rotors allows the rotors to heat up more slowly.  A key benefit here is while under long hard braking from high speeds, the rotors will take more time to get to a high fade-promoting temperature compared to the 90-93 brakes.