After 13 years and 106,000 miles of service, it was time to give the exterior a little attention.  In January, 2004, I handed the keys over to body shop master and high school friend Steve Kelley to do some magic.  In many respects, the car was planned to still retain many similarities to the twin.  However, there are some subtle differences.  Below is a timeline of progress of this project:

warmup.JPG (94388 bytes) 1/3/04 Warming up the car to go to the "doctor".
arrival.JPG (116249 bytes) Arrival at the body shop.  Going through inspection for dents, scratches, etc...
prog1.jpg (131921 bytes) 1/18/04 Here are the first real pics of progress!  In this pic, you see the new Racing Beat bumper.
prog2.jpg (152374 bytes) Here is the Racing Beat Type II nose and Simpson Design cowl hood (with open louvers).
prog3.jpg (144514 bytes) Another shot from the front.  Wow, there are a lot of dings and scratches being filled!
prog4.jpg (146336 bytes) A shot from the side.
prog5.jpg (128925 bytes) Straight on from the front.  I'm loving the look of this hood.  I think it will add a nice touch.  The OEM turn signal indicators are going back in, and colorless side marker lights up front.
prog6.jpg (112717 bytes) Another day... Racing Beat side fairings are added!
prog7.jpg (112980 bytes) Another shot of the side fairings.
DSCF0013a.JPG (106268 bytes) 2/7/04 Everything is mostly done.  Car is ready to come home from body shop.  Just waiting for the rain and snow to stop and for the roads to dry up.
DSCF0011a.JPG (122451 bytes) The paint is the same factory Mariner Blue with a little blue pearl added to give it a little more depth.  You can't really see it in the pictures.  Will take more out in the sunlight later.
DSCF0014a.JPG (124908 bytes) Another angle.
DSCF0019a.JPG (128535 bytes) Steve did a great job on the body work!  I'm really impressed!
DSCF0021a.JPG (121272 bytes) A shot from the rear showing the new bumper and wing.
DSCF0017a.JPG (121526 bytes) From within the driver's seat, you can see the cowl of the hood near the windshield.  It doesn't obstruct view too much (actually, the mirror does a bit).
DSCF0001a.JPG (156345 bytes) Waiting in the garage for the paint to completely cure. It is recommended that I wait 60 days before doing the first polishing.
FrontRB.JPG (61553 bytes) It's hard to wait 60 days without driving it some.  Had to sneak it out; besides I just put on a new fuel rail and did a little exhaust work - have to make sure all is good.
DSCF0041a.JPG (135937 bytes) The unthinkable happens... 4 weeks after the paint is sprayed, someone accidentally backed into the nose/turn signal!  The paint hadn't even completely cured yet!  Back to the body shop.
repair1.JPG (77960 bytes) 1 week later, all is better.  The repair turned out great.  Excellent work.