Autocross Trailer

This trailer can be purchased from Northern Tool and Equipment ( It is item number 12542. They also sell item number 125427 which is basically the same thing but with larger wheels (better for lots of highway towing) for about $30 more.

This is just the basic trailer without the tool box (and obviously without the race wheels and tires).  It does come with lighting for the trailer and a harness to wire into your miata, but you must also purchase a converter to make the trailer brake light blink when the turn signal is on.  I bought my converter from RadioShack.  The converter sits nicely on the back panel inside the trunk (on the driver's side).  Wiring of the converter is pretty straight forward and the factory wiring harness is already in the vicinity.  The trailer hook up harness is connected to the converter and simply tucks out of the way when not in use.

Wiring info:  Here is a cross reference to show which wire is which when hooking up the converter (for 1990-1993 models).

Factory Wiring Harness
in trunk shown in picture above. (for 90-93 models)

Converter Wiring Harness
available from Radio Shack.

*connection made under a bolt (ground)* White (ground)
Green Red (brake)
Green/White Stripe Green (right turn signal)
Green/Black Stripe Yellow (left turn signal)
Red/Black Stripe Brown (park/tail)

The hitch mounted on my miata is the DaLan hitch available from Performance Buyers Club (  Installation wasn't too bad... there are a couple nuts that are hard to get started, but overall I'm happy with the hitch.

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1/2003: I later changed my trailer to position the tires and box differently.  I like it this way a lot better as the tires don't shift around on the trailer and the box is easier to access when connected to the car.

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New wheels and tires...

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