MOMO Short Anatomic Knob and Adapter



After trying out a Satin Voodoo shift knob in my miata, I decided I just didn't like how it looked with everything else.  I gave it to a friend with a white '95 and for some reason it looks much better in his car.  Go figure...  To each their own.

After adding a leather shift boot and a leather steering wheel cover, I really wanted a leather shift knob to go with it.  While reading ads in Sport Compact Car magazine, I came across an ad from a vendor selling MOMO knobs.  There was about 75 small pictures of different knobs on one page.  Of all the knobs on the page, one looked promising to me.  It was the MOMO Short Anatomic knob in black leather.  There are a couple different short anatomic knobs... the black leather (part number 721+0069) which is the one I have, and the zebrano wood which would probably look great in tan interior miatas... and would certainly complement a wooden steering wheel.

I called to place an order and asked about the mounting method.  This is the downside of this knob (as well as most - if not all - of MOMO's knobs).  The knob is mounted using three setscrews and an upper rubber cap/spacer instead of screwing into place like the stock knob.  I went ahead and ordered it but I questioned the mounting technique.

Once I received the knob, I instantly knew I was going to need to do something about the mounting.  ....I did and it worked great...  I had a threaded aluminum sleeve made to screw onto the shifter stick and the knob mounted to the sleeve.  The end result left the knob positioned correctly and left no gap between the knob and boot (i.e. no part of the stick was left exposed).  The adapter stays tight and knob retains a firm feel. 

I had a couple extra made up and gave them to friends in the same situation.  Word got around and so I got a few more requests.  Long story short, I ended up having about 125 made up over time and sold them to other miata enthusiasts.  I no longer sell these, but GoMiata ( now has them available.  Check them out! 

Attn Mazda 3 owners: I have a similar adapter that works for the Mazda 3 manual transmission shifters.
Please contact me via email if you wish to purchase one of the Mazda 3 Momo Shift Knob Adapters


MOMOadapter.jpg (44643 bytes)

Here is an actual picture of the adapter.

So how does the knob feel?  PERFECT!  Fits like a glove!  Very solid feel.

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