What's that sound?

Hmm... sounds like a 67 Volkswagon Beetle on my tail.  No problem, I'll just step on the gas and SMOKE this little bug off my tail.  Hey, he's pretty good.  Stayed right with me.  Can't seem to see him though I sure can hear him.

Well, that was the general thought.  I sprung a leak at the exhaust manifold and as it turned out, the leak was a blown exhaust manifold gasket.  If you've ever seen one of these gaskets on a miata, you would be amazed that anyone could actually have one fail... but I did.  The gasket is a three layer piece of aluminum and one of the three layers actually blew out.  Had a heck of a time pulling it off for some reason (as the picture would indicate).

gasket5.jpg (87938 bytes)gasket6.jpg (80961 bytes)gasket4.jpg (138913 bytes)

So, I have a slightly used gasket for sale.  Any takers?  :-)